The Unleash Programs

God has a significant Kingdom opportunity that has your name on it. This opportunity is your God-given assignment in life. It is His dream for you. He desires for you to live this assignment out to completion during your lifetime.

Unleash is a process that will help you clarify and live out this important assignment.

Unleash offers different programs to help individuals, groups and churches clarify and live out their important life assignment.

Unleash has 4 main programs:

  • Unleash Full Experience
  • Unleash Team Experience
  • Unleash God’s Dream, Your Purpose
  • Unleash Life Purpose Accelerator coaching

Discover the experience that is right for you.

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Unleash Full Experience

The Unleash Full Experience is a six-session group process with a guided Unleash workbook.

During each session you will receive valuable peer input, report on your pre-work, hear Biblical principles, and add focus to God’s assignment for you. 

Pre-work requires between 2-4 hours prior to each session.

Unleash coaches set the schedule in advance based on the group members availability.

Session 1: Understanding God’s Investment in Us

Session 2: My Story

Session 3: Getting Real with God

Session 4: God’s Assignment for Me

Session 5: Clear Life Priorities 

Session 6: Turning Good Intentions into Real Life

Unleash Team Experience

The Unleash Team Experience is a 2-day guided team experience with the Unleash Team Experience workbook. Teams will discover their unique strengths, spiritual gifts and start to discover the unique impact they bring to most every situation. Team members will also discover together the unique investment of each team member. 

Session 1:  Understanding God’s Unique Investment in Me

Session 2: Discovering God’s Investment in Others.

Unleash God's Dream, Your Purpose Study

The Unleash God’s Dream, Your Purpose Study is a 6-Session video based study with a God’s Dream, Your Purpose workbook. This study is perfect for individuals, small-groups or classes. 

Each session has a 10-minute video lesson, group discussion questions, and individual reflection questions.

Session 1: God’s Dream

Session 2: God’s Investment

Session 3: Trust and Surrender

Session 4: Life Seasons

Session 5: Divine Intersections

Session 6: Aim to Finish 

Unleash Life Purpose Accelerator (one-on-one coaching for Unleash Full Experience alumni)

The Unleash one-on-one Life Purpose Accelerator coaching is a program for Unleash Full Experience alumni. Alumni will meet with a certified Unleash coach to continue focusing life calling impact through the Unleash Dashboard Process.