What is Unleash?

What is Unleash?

God has a significant Kingdom opportunity that has your name on it. This opportunity is your God-given assignment in life. It is His dream for you. He desires for you to live this assignment out to completion during your lifetime.

Do you know what God’s dream is for your life?

Unleash is a process that will help you clarify and live out this important assignment.

Unleash has 4 main ingredients:

  • Guided assignments to clarify God’s investment in you
  • Directed interaction with like-minded peers
  • An outcome-based process lead by trained unleash coaches
  • Biblical challenge and teaching around calling, purpose and life-assignment

Are you ready to join the hundreds of men and women who have discovered God’s big dream for their life?


Who is Unleash for?

Unleash is designed for men and women who are looking to:

  • have impact with their life in the way God dreamed
  • steward their influence, skills and life experience for what’s next
  • leverage the rest of their life no matter their current season (retirement, career, family, or transition)
  • discover new ways to significantly contribute to what matters most in the world
  • maximize their life

How does Unleash work?

The Unleash Full Experience is a six-session group process with a guided Unleash workbook.

During each session you will receive valuable peer input, report on your pre-work, hear Biblical principles, and add focus to God’s assignment for you. 

Pre-work requires between 2-4 hours prior to each session.

Unleash coaches set the schedule in advance based on the group members availability.

Session 1: Understanding God’s Investment in Us

Session 2: My Story

Session 3: Getting Real with God

Session 4: God’s Assignment for Me

Session 5: Clear Life Priorities 

Session 6: Turning Good Intentions into Real Life

The Unleash Community

The Unleash community is made up of hundreds of men and women who are living out their life assignment. They are focused, creating momentum and living on purpose within their current life season. 

Unleash alumni are leaders from the For-Profit and Non-Profit world. 

Listen to what alumni have to say about their Unleash program experience:

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Structure & Accountibility

“I was at a point in life where I was feeling restless and uncertain about what the next chapter of my life might look like, both professionally and in ministry. I joined Unleash with a deep desire to better understand where God was working in and through me. I needed the structure, the community and accountability of this group to give me the tools and the opportunity to pursue God’s path for my future in an intentional, biblical and profound way.

Over the course of several months taking the course I began to see the hand of God at work in my life in new and exciting ways. It gave me a fresh perspective on how God had gifted me and how He had prepared me to live out my calling in ways that I’d never considered before.

While I am still a work-in-progress (and always will be), I’m so grateful to have been part of Unleashed and to have a much clearer path forward that will allow me to step into my area of passion and gifting in a way that not only fulfills me but also blesses the lives of the people that I will impact as a result.”

Kory K.

Transformed Pain

Unleash was the fuel I needed to start moving me towards my Godly calling. God showed me through Unleash how the things that happened to me in my past was not done just to cause me pain or because someone didn’t like me.

I experienced that pain because God knew I was strong enough to transform it with Him, to push me into the direction of my Purpose.

Through Unleash I truly understand the scripture Romans 8;28-30. (Paraphrasing) In All things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Jerome S.

Impact in Retirement

“I discovered God has been preparing me through my professional experience to make impact in my retirement years.

The Unleash full experience and especially my group helped me understand how my passion and experience intersect in an exciting way to enable a kingdom impact.”

Jim M.