What is Unleash?

What is Unleash?

unleash is a life purpose accelerator with a mission  to help leaders live out God’s big dream for their life. unleash has 4 main ingredients:

  • A small group step-by-step process
  • A trained moderator/unleash coach
  • A post-process community 
  • Supporting resources 

We have helped over 100 men, women, and husband and wife teams discover and begin God’s big dream for their life.

Who is unleash for?

unleash is designed for individual men, women, or husband and wife teams who are generally at-or-near the peak of their working careers, perhaps recently retired or looking to “retirement” (whatever that means these days!) in several years. You’re looking to make the the remainder of your time more significant, more impactful, more meaningful. Do you think the life you’re living now is really God’s big dream of what you can and should be doing? 

In the last year, we’ve helped over 100 men, women, and husband and wife teams discover and begin God’s big dream for their life.

The unleash Process

For approximately six months, once a month, unleash participants will meet in a moderated small group setting. Each step has required pre-work, including reading of reference material, prayer, and assignments designed to lead you to the small group setting where your thoughts can be further refined by your peers as guided by the moderator.

Explore the six steps:

Step 1: Understanding God's Investment in Us
The Big Idea

God invested in each of us with specific life assignments in mind

Questions Answered

What is the unique calling, the assignment that God had in his mind for me when He created me?
What did God deposit within me and entrust to me so that I might complete His assignment for me?

Step 2: My Story
The Big Idea

Understanding my past gives me insight into maximizing my future

Questions Answered
What has been my life’s trajectory?
How can my successes and failures be translated into ministry?
Step 3: Getting Real with God
The Big Idea

God works deeply in me so that He can work through me

Questions Answered
What is the deep work of God in my life?
How might God use His deep work in me to significantly impact others through me?
Step 4: God’s Assignment for Me
The Big Idea
God’s big dream for me is specific and has an intended outcome
Questions Answered
What exactly is God’s big dream for me?
What has he entrusted to me to create the impact through me that He desires?
Step 5: Clear Life Priorities
The Big Idea
God’s assignment for me is big and important and must be a prioritized part of my life
Questions Answered

How do I prioritize and structure my life to be able to live out His assignment for me?

Step 6: Turning Good Intentions Into Real Life
The Big Idea

My good intentions will be translated into actions with the help of a plan and a team

Questions Answered

What exactly must I do?
How and when will it get done?
Who will I work with?
How much will it cost?

The unleash Community

The fellow travelers you meet in the process will change your life and give you a close-knit group you can carry with you to the implementation phase.  But unleash alumni also get access to the broader unleash alumni network and community.  This is an essential ingredient of unleash as you put your newfound clarity into action, with ongoing discussions, resources, blogs, and encouragement to help you take those next steps.