Overview for Participants

I had no idea what God wanted from me next, but I knew my life experiences had to amount to something useful that could really matter. The unleash process and the peer group made a huge difference in clarifying my mission in life and next steps.— TW, Phoenix AZ

Welcome Facilitators!

Session 1: Understanding God's Investment in Us

The Big Idea

God invested in us with specific life assignments in mind.

Questions Answered

What is the unique calling, the assignment that God had in his mind for me when He created me?
What did God deposit within me and entrust to me so that I might complete His assignment for me?

Session 2: My Story

The Big Idea

Understanding my past gives me insight into maximizing my future.

Questions Answered

What has been my life’s trajectory?

How can my successes and failures be translated into ministry?

Session 3: Getting Real with God

The Big Idea

God works deeply in me so that He can work significantly through me.

Questions Answered

What is the deep work of God in my life?

How might God use His deep work in me to significantly impact others through me?

Session 4: God’s Assignment for Me

The Big Idea

God’s big dream for me is specific and has an intended outcome.

Questions Answered

What exactly is God’s big dream for me?

What has he entrusted to me to create the impact through me that He desires?

Session 5: Clear Life Priorities

The Big Idea

God’s assignment for me is big and important and must be a prioritized part of my life.

Questions Answered

How do I prioritize and structure my life to be able to live out His assignment for me?

Session 6: Turning Good Intentions Into Real Life

The Big Idea

My good intentions will be translated into actions with the help of a plan and a team.

Questions Answered

What exactly must I do?

How and when will it get done?

Who will I work with?

How much will it cost?