unleash is unleashed in Argentina

Over 25 years ago, a group of nearly 200 members of Scottsdale Bible Church, including Rick Linamen and Joe Taylor, went on a missions trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Little did they know how this one event would ripple through time.

As the Executive Pastor of Scottsdale Bible Church, Rick was facilitating small groups of men going through a process to discover God’s purpose and plan for their lives. Joe was part of one of those early unleash groups. And on this fateful trip to Argentina, Joe found his Life Calling.

Fast forward to May, 2019, Rick and Joe traveled once again to Buenos Aires, meeting with Juan Pablo Bongarrá, Senior Pastor at La Puerta Abierta (Church of the Open Door), Juan Pablo’s family, as well as members of his staff.

unleash Argentina is… …unleashed.

A early '90s follow-up Buenos Aries trip from the initial Scottsdale Bible group visit. Juan Pablo (red tie, dark suit, mustache of perfection), Joe Taylor to his left, and Rick on the far right.
May 2019 Argentina unleash launch trip: Rick on the far left, Juan Pablo on the right

This is exciting news: Joe is still there and about to kick off two groups! One men’s group and one women’s group.  

Please pray for Joe and these men and women who’s heart is “all in” for God and desiring to invest in living their lives with their God-implanted purpose. May those around them see their hope and joy.

God’s blessing on you, Joe, and the Argentinian unleash teams.  

— Terry West, June 2019